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How to access and make informed decisions about Medicinal Cannabis

IntroCann is a virtual platform to provide both doctors and patients with unbiased, meaningful, educational resources and research results to assist in making informed choices about medicinal cannabis, including details on how to access this treatment in South Africa.

IntroCann for Patients

Educational resources explaining medicinal cannabis, its use and the process for accessing treatment.

IntroCann for Doctors

A limited access portal with all the required information for prescribing and dosing.

Access made simple

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Section 21 Application

Currently the only way in which a qualifying patient is able to access medicinal cannabis in South Africa, is through a section 21 application to SAHPRA, after it has been prescribed by a doctor, who is able to submit the application on the patient’s behalf.

Doctor Prescribes

As a potential patient, consult with your doctor to determine your eligibility for medicinal cannabis. If eligible the doctor completes your prescription outlining the number of milligrams per day and the prescription duration, together with your informed consent.

Doctors are able to prescribe and access imported cannabis medicines for their patients on a patient-by-patient basis.

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About IntroCann

IntroCann is a free service that assists patients and doctors to simplify the process of accessing, under the existing regulatory framework, imported and legal medicinal cannabis – making it easier for patients to obtain the support they need. 

IntroCann is a South African health-tech platform which provides patients with information on importing legal medicinal cannabis and assists doctors in applying for and accessing medicinal cannabis on their patient’s behalf. The platform offers a range of educational, access and management services. By utilising the platform, doctors are able to access patient treatment plans with relevant detailed guides to dosing and titration for the specified product.  

The IntroCann platform uses analytics to guide doctors and patients and supplies a patient with a reporting tool that allows for patients and the prescribing doctor to monitor the use and effectiveness of medicinal cannabis at each stage of the treatment.

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The IntroCann Portal

Please note that the IntroCann Portal is currently available on desktop only. A mobile version of the portal will be available soon.